At L’Alcazar du Mont-Blanc, every dish is passionately simmered on the spot by Sihame and 100% homemade. Let yourself be seduced by a taste experience with Moroccan flavors, all in a warm and authentic welcome. Find the Detailed Menu here.

Our Starters

Soupe « Chorba » du chef

Chorba soup

Moroccan soup with oats and pieces of beef.

Salade « Zaâouk » végétarienne

Zaâouk vegetarian salad

Eggplant caviar with raw vegetables and scented with mint and Argan oil.

Quiche « Felfa Mechouilla »

Felfla Mechouilla quiche

Moroccan quiche surrounded by grilled peppers and olive oil.

Crêpes panées de l'Alcazar

Breaded crispy pancakes of Alcazar

Homemade speciality with spinach, chicken and cheese.

Our Dishes

Tajine de poulet

Chicken Tajin

Tender and juicy pieces of chicken, simmered slowly in a fragrant sauce with candied lemon and green olives. To complete this delight, we serve our tagine with homemade fries.



Tagine of beef meatballs with Moroccan spices slowly simmered in a tomato sauce with herbs and in which we add eggs that cook in the tagine.

Couscous royal de l'Alcazar

Royal Couscous of Alcazar

Majestic mixture of two semolina with aromatic spices, accompanied by fresh and colorful seasonal vegetables. All crowned with tasty meats of beef, chicken and merguez.

Couscous végétarien de l'Alcazar

Vegetarian couscous of Alcazar

Couscous revisited with a creative note of caramelized onions and a crunchy roasted almonds to delight the taste buds of vegetarian cooking lovers.

Our Desserts

Tiramisu revisité à l'Amlou

Revisited version of tiramisu with Amlou

Mousse chocolatée aux senteurs du Maroc

Chocolate mousse with scents of Morocco

Perles d'Orient

Oriental pearls like creme brulée

Dessert Gourmand du chef

Gourmet dessert of the chef tea or coffee

Le joyau de l'Alcazar

Jewel of Alcazar


Secure your place at the heart of culinary escape at Alcazar du Mont-Blanc by booking directly with us. Choose the ambience that appeals to you most: the intimate warmth of our dining room or the freshness of our indoor terrace. Your culinary journey begins here.

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The restaurant will be closed from October 29th to November 2nd included